MRCON- 2020

Conference on Building Sustainable Competitive Edge

In the 21st century creating a sustainable model of development is highly imperative foreseeing the level of exploitation done with the resources. With the objective of improving the standard of living of the generations to come, we all have to work with the vision of creating a just and egalitarian society. The need is to put all four factors of production land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship to use in a sustainable manner to maximise return on investment. In order to achieve this, stakeholders have to devise certain competitive strategies in the delivery of the work. In this era of Artificial intelligence and analytics, organizations can leverage technology in a big way to adopt sustainable business practices. Moreover, organizations need to delve into creating newer technologies which can solve their purpose in an efficient and effective manner. Human resource can also be harnessed in a big way as it is an important constituent in the making of the sustainable world. Human resource is omnipresent and it would be an effective use of human talent if they are able to devise strategies for sustainability.

In an effort to address the gap, brainstorm, identify achievable measures and map possible solution, the Faculty of Management Studies, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies   organizes the MRCON 2020 which would bring together eminent practitioners, policy makers from industry, academia and the Government. The conference intends to generate outcomes in terms of policies and practices which could well be a turning point in the current situation. It will not only enhance industry awareness among students but also provide suggestions to augment their employability and preparedness  while getting educated.   Additionally, it will also encourage collaboration between academia and industry to provide a favorable environment to achieve the goal of employability by experimenting with innovative practices and establishing new norms.

MRCON 2020 invites researchers, doctoral students, industry practitioners, policy makers, consultants and other stakeholders to discuss their reasoning towards evolving sustainable practices for the emerging economy. The original submissions are invited in form of research papers, extended abstracts, and case studies.